Samia Fisher
Samia Fisher
Founder of Weft Textiles

Where did you get the idea for your business?

Starting up my own business has happened pretty organically over the last few years. It is a result of my creative endeavours, recent travels, study and a little growth…the end product being weft; a soft furnishing and homewares studio dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.

I went to a Steiner school, an alternative schooling system with a strong emphasis on artistic development. My upbringing has definitely played a large role in who I am now and what I’m currently doing. I then went on to study Interior Design at RMIT which helped lay down the foundations for Weft.

Travel has also played a big part in what I am doing with my brand. I spent time working in rural areas in the Caribbean and South-east Asia, seeing how these communities live so resourcefully and understanding their social and environmental values has changed how I approach things. I would like this to be seen in my work.

How did you get Weft Textiles started?

After graduating from Interior Design at RMIT in 2014 I began freelancing as an Interior Designer, I found it challenging to be able to source materials and products made ethically and locally. I began researching this area and was drawn to natural textiles with sustainable finishes. I then went on to explore the slow textiles movement and natural dyeing, which has ultimately led me to where I am now. After completing a business management course, I then went on to launch my business, Weft Textiles.

"My inspiration stems from my intuition. I am inspired by art, music and design and it is used as a platform to express yourself, an idea or an intention."

Weft Textiles
Weft Textiles
Retail space

How important is it to have a physical space for your business?

I think it’s important to have a physical space for my business, particularly when first starting out. Giving my brand a platform to grow from has definitely been easier with a physical space, I have learnt a lot in this process. It’s great to have a space that allows my customers to understand the brand and the philosophy behind it.

Where do you find the inspiration for your brand and retail space?

My inspiration stems from my intuition. I am inspired by art, music and design and it is used as a platform to express yourself, an idea or an intention. When I was studying at RMIT, I was inspired a lot by architecture. I appreciate simplicity and minimalism, so architects such as Tadao Ando and the metabolism design movement have definitely influenced my own design style.

What are three pieces of advice you could offer anyone wanting to start their own retail store?

1. Starting a retail space takes time and energy, I found collaborating with others was the best thing when first starting out.

2. Patience – try to enjoy the process of what you are creating in that moment rather than focusing on the end result.

3. To make progress, listen and learn. I don’t think anyone can get it right the first time. I have learnt so much from those around me and am applying that to what I am doing now!

Samia Fisher

completed the RMIT Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

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