After completing a Bachelor of Business at RMIT in 2010 she found herself struggling to find a position that piqued her interest, so when the opportunity arose to interview with the globally-renowned Mushroom Group she jumped at it.

Katrina Merican
Katrina Merican
Finance Manager at Mushroom Group

Speaking about it now Katrina believes it was her previous experience on stage that ended up scoring her the job. “Being in the finance industry, being in the entertainment industry, you can’t be fazed by lights, showbiz, and the industry in general,” explains Katrina.

“I used to perform when I was younger [as a ballerina in Malaysia and Germany] so what I said to them was ‘it’s not going to faze me because I don’t want to be on the stage anymore … but I know what it’s like.’”

Since its inception in 1973 as Mushroom Records and Mushroom Music Publishing, Mushroom has expanded to encompass nearly two dozen specialist brands, including international and domestic touring, booking agencies, record labels, merchandising, music publishing, creative and marketing services, venues, exhibition and events production, and film and television production. Working within the finance department for seven years, Katrina has seen, and been a part of, that incredible growth.

We took a tour around the Mushroom Group’s offices and asked Katrina some questions. Read her answers below.

Katrina Merican

completed the RMIT Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy)

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